Platform Fees

All earnings from creators incur a base 10% commission on all sales. Listed below are the other fees imposed by the service providers we utilise for paying out to our sellers.

Withdrawal Fees

We presently utilise Stripe Connect/Express and Bank Transfers (Powered by Wise) to facilitate vendors in receiving their earnings. However, our service providers impose fees that are passed on to our vendors. Outlined below are the details of these fees.

Withdrawal Method Availability % Fee Fixed Fee
Stripe Europe only 0.25% 0.10 GBP
Wise Outside of Europe only 2.5% None

The aforementioned fees are subject to change in case the service providers alter their fee structure. We endeavour to provide adequate notice to all affected users before implementing any new fees.

Checkout Fees

We rely on Stripe as our primary payment processor, entrusted with managing all payments on our platform.

Consequently, Stripe imposes processing fees determined by the location where the customer's payment credentials are issued. Details regarding Stripe's Fees can be found here, and these fees are also displayed on our basket page for transparency.

Country % Fee Fixed Fee
United Kingdom 1.5% 0.20 GBP
European Economic Area 2.5% 0.20 GBP
International 3.5% 0.20 GBP

Please Note:

Currently, ClearlyDev only accepts Card payments, including Digital Wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

See Article: Accepted Payment Methods for more information.


In the unlikely event that a dispute, also known as a chargeback, is initiated through your customer's selected payment service, ClearlyDev will make every reasonable effort to contest the dispute on your behalf.

During the dispute proceedings, all orders linked to the dispute will be designated as "On-Hold" and will not be eligible for withdrawal until the dispute is resolved.

Regrettably, if the dispute is resolved in favour of the customer, the associated order will not be eligible for withdrawal.

Regardless of the outcome, ClearlyDev will bear the costs linked to the dispute as a goodwill gesture towards our vendors, so long as the vendor is not at fault.

Please Note:

ClearlyDev retains the right to levy any fees related to the dispute process if the vendor is found to be at fault.


Before ClearlyDev intervenes and initiates the refund process, the customer must first raise any issues with you through the "Ask a Question" system provided on the product page.

Following this, you will have 72 hours to respond to the customer's concerns and attempt to resolve the issue before ClearlyDev takes further action and issues a refund.

Should a refund be processed for an order, that order will be rendered ineligible for withdrawal.

Please Note:

ClearlyDev reserves the right to impose any and all fees associated with the refund process if the vendor is found to be at fault or if there is a recurring issue with a product resulting in a significant volume of refunds being issued.

VAT/Sales tax

At present, a 20% VAT rate is applied to all orders on our site.


As of the time of writing, ClearlyDev confirms that all information in this document is accurate. In the event of any changes to the fee information contained herein, ClearlyDev will make reasonable efforts to notify all affected users before the updated fees are implemented.

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